New project: Policies for solar for rentals

Exploring ways for renters to benefit from solar power and renewable energy transition is the focus of a new project at The Australian National University (ANU).

Led by Dr Lee White, Mara Hammerle and Dr Bjorn Sturmberg, the project, How can we involve renters in the renewable energy transition in Australia? has secured funding from Energy Consumers Australia.

Stemming from an increasing discussion in Australian policy circles of how to improve access to rooftop photovoltaics (PV) for renters, this project will assess existing barriers to landlords investing in rooftop PV and energy efficiency and will evaluate potential policy solutions.

RegNet Research Fellow and Project manager, Lee White is delighted that the Board recognises the importance and timeliness of the research.

“Receiving the grant means that we can use best-practice methods to address the question of how to involve renters in the energy transition. We’re excited to get the research underway, and grateful for the support that allows us to do this.”

The project aims to benefit renters, who currently make up over a third of Australia’s population. This means there is a large chunk of the community that lives in homes that are often less energy-efficient and may be locked out of access to rooftop solar. Rooftop solar is a technology that can reduce both electricity bills and emissions. By enabling renters to participate in the energy transition, they have the ability to reduce electricity bills by heating their homes at lower cost and getting electricity from their rooftop PV instead of from the grid.

“Our project would produce evidence-based policy recommendations to better involve this overlooked sector of the community in energy-transition, allowing renters to access financial benefits of solar, and supporting emissions reduction efforts,” says Lee.

Project website is here

Full ANU media announcement is here:

Full ECA funding announcement is here

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