Providing electric vehicle charging at ANU

As life continues to return to the ANU campus we’re finally able to announce that we’re providing free electric vehicle charging – powered by the DERlab.

Vice Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt said: “I see this as the first small step, or a precursor to having charging available more broadly on campus. I envision a set of EV parking spots will be rolled out across campus in the years to come so people can plug in and charge their EV while the sun is shining and the energy is cheap, rather than, like me, going home when the sun has set and plugging in.

“Here at ANU we are a community of 20,000 people, we have the opportunity to lead the way, implement our own knowledge and show the world how to do it. We will have to make some sacrifices to get ANU Below Zero by 2030 but our community is right behind it,” said Professor Schmidt.

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Feature on ABC TV Catalyst program – a childhood dream

ABC TV’s Catalyst program was one of my favorite TV shows growing up, so it was a bit of a dream to get to be a part of the recent episode about the transformation of the electricity system.

The episode did a fantastic job, covering a huge range of the interesting developments underway across the system and the country, explaining the crucial facts and trends, and presenting everything in interesting, engaging and understandable ways.

So, I’d highly recommend giving watching here

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Stories from the opening of the DERlab

More renewable technology will be able to be integrated into Australia’s energy grid, thanks to a new state-of-the-art laboratory in Canberra.

The Australian National University’s Distributed Energy Resources Lab, which was opened on Tuesday, will allow for researchers, energy companies and start-ups in the industry to test their technology in real-world settings before they become built in to the broader energy grid.

The laboratory has been a project more than two years in the making, with more than $1.5 million in funding provided by the ACT government.

Full story in The Canberra Times

Our spin on it in The ANU Newsroom below

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DERlab launch

After more than two years of research, design and construction our DERlab is ready for public launch!

The launch on the 13th of July will feature the Chief Minister of the ACT, Andrew Barr, and Vice-Chancellor of the ANU, Brian Schmidt.

More details and registration for the launch here.

DERlab funding announcement

Australia’s low carbon energy system of tomorrow will be given a vital spark thanks to a new million-dollar laboratory to be built at The Australian National University (ANU).  

The Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Lab is officially announced by Minister Mick Gentleman today and comes with $1.5 million in ACT Government funding.  

Dr Bjorn Sturmberg, who will lead the DER Lab, said it will provide a state-of-the art testing facility which mirrors the energy grid for industry, researchers and regulators.  

“This lab will help develop and test the technologies and control systems needed for Australia’s future energy system,” Dr Sturmberg said. “The DER Lab will provide the Australian research and development community with a fail-safe power system in which to rapidly, efficiently, and securely develop and test the technologies and systems before deploying them.  

“The technologies developed in the DER Lab will lower consumers’ energy bills and create the secure, reliable and low-carbon energy system of tomorrow.”

Story in Canberra Times here:

ANU media release here: