Amy’s Balancing Act

Welcome to the home of “Amy’s Balancing Act”, an inspiring tale about clean energy and the power of diversity.

This unique story packs the complexities and emotions of the journey to clean energy into an engaging, entertaining book that can be understood by children, their families and educators.

It provides a positive resolution to the climate wars – being respectful to the past while clear eyed about a brighter future.

Amy has always done things a certain way, but when her old horse gets ready to retire, Amy must find a fresh approach. With the help of some new friends, Amy discovers the power of teamwork and how to balance keeping the mail on time with having a lighter impact on the environment.

Praise for Amy’s Balancing Act

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A limited run of signed first edition books are available for purchase here:

Or you should be able to find the books in your local or online bookstore of choice – if they’re not already stocking it please direct them to the distributor Woodslane.

While you wait for a hardcopy, here are some sample pages to spark your imagination…

Teaching resources

The good folk at Cool Australia have created three lesson plans based on Amy’s story. These are written for years 3&4, years 5&6, and for parents, and connect Amy’s lessons into the Australian curriculum.

As additional resources you may also wish to check out the following blog posts that dive into the story’s lessons on diversity, team work, and the transition from coal to clean energy: post 1, post 2.


For the backstory of the story, you can checkout the kickstarter campaign and blog posts.

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And here are the latest blog posts about Amy

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    In collaboration with Graham Walker of the National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science I am conducting research on how Amy’s Balancing Act influences readers’ conception of the electricity system and the transition to clean energy. Below are a copy of the worksheets being utilised for this (one for young persons the second for… Continue reading
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    My fun discussion about “Energy and Cars” (and Amy’s Balancing Act course) with @doctor_karl has just been released on Dr Karl’s #shirtloadsofscience #podcast. Listen here, or where ever you get your podcasts.
  • Woodford Folk Festival 2022-23
    I had a wonderful time at the Woodford Folk Festival over the summer. I can now confirm that it’s no less fun with a toddler than childless! So much excitement and good vibes all around. I gave an hour long presentation on “Watt’s in store for the energy system?” in the main festival, with special… Continue reading
  • A kid’s book is bringing the energy transition into homes, schools and parliaments
    The full story of the national launch of Amy’s Balancing Act is now in “The goal from the outset was to create “a great book to teach young children and old politicians about clean energy,” as Craig Reucassel put it. In a heartening sign of how far the conversation (and politics) around the… Continue reading
  • Amy’s one of WWF’s “ethical and eco-friendly gift ideas”
    WWF Australia have selected Amy’s Balancing Act in their top 10 list of gifts. Amy joins a totally lovable crowd of the likes of adopting a platypus or koala and going on a walking holiday.