My initiatives and engagements in the transport sector fall broadly into the following categories.


I have a leading role in the largest demonstrations of vehicle-to-grid technology in Australia, together with one of the most holistic studies of how the technology may mature from its current niche to normality.

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My contributions to transport sector planning tend to focus on the grid integration of electric vehicles (of all varieties).

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Solar car

I’m the Academic Champion of the ANU Solar Car team.

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Latest posts

  • Electric Vehicles and The Grid – analysis for DEIP
    In research commissioned by ARENA and the Distributed Energy Integration Program, we’ve analysed the gaps in knowledge and current activities around the integration of electric vehicles (of all sizes) into the electricity system. The executive summary is below and the full report is available here.
  • Providing electric vehicle charging at ANU
    As life continues to return to the ANU campus we’re finally able to announce that we’re providing free electric vehicle charging – powered by the DERlab. Vice Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt said: “I see this as the first small step, or a precursor to having charging available more broadly on campus. I envision a set… Continue reading
  • Picture story in The Australian
  • Examining the vehicle-to-grid niche in Australia through the lens of a trial project
    We have a new paper in the journal Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions. Highlights Vehicle-to-grid is viewed as a sub-niche of electric vehicles and distributed energy. Vehicle-to-grid is in an embryonic stage of development in Australia. Proponents hold strong long-term visions, but are unsure how to get there. Learning has focused on problem solving; other… Continue reading
  • EV chargers for V2G and V2H to arrive in Australia within weeks
    From James Purtill in the ABC A new kind of charger that allows an electric vehicle (EV) to be used as a giant home battery is close to going on sale in Australia, with the first commercial shipment to arrive within weeks. Unlike standard one-way EV chargers, bidirectional chargers can also discharge energy from an EV, which means they can be used… Continue reading