My initiatives and engagements in the transport sector fall broadly into the following categories.


I have a leading role in the largest demonstrations of vehicle-to-grid technology in Australia, together with one of the most holistic studies of how the technology may mature from its current niche to normality.

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My contributions to transport sector planning tend to focus on the grid integration of electric vehicles (of all varieties).

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Solar car

I’m the Academic Champion of the ANU Solar Car team.

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Latest posts

  • A provocation – Who will drive Vehicle-to-Grid?
    A “provocation” is my new favorite form of publication! This article in Utility Magazine was a real pleasure to write and condenses many recent discussions. Our main takeaway is this: “Our experience to date suggests that V2G may stand to be of greatest attraction “for the grid” and that there is much to be done… Continue reading
  • Overwhelming interest in EVs for remote communities
    In response to the incredible media interest in our recent paper on electric vehicles in remote Australia – with the second most media stories that the journal Australian Geographer has ever generated in it’s 94 year history – the publishers have lifted the paywall to make the full article available for free until the end… Continue reading
  • Exploring the feasibility of electric vehicle travel for remote communities in Australia
    New paper out today showing that current EVs would be able to service the vast majority (93%+) of residents of remote communities in northern Australia (under simplified assumptions). My take aways: We cannot leave these communities out of our clean transport plans (as we did with clean electricity) – they are not in the “too… Continue reading
  • FACTS – a Framework for an Australian Clean Transport Strategy
    I was part of a team of 18 independent experts (academics) who developed a comprehensive framework for decarbonising the Australian transport sector in a manner consistent with international best practice (eg shifting trips to public and active transport) and climate science to keep warming within 1.5d. Below are some takeout snapshots. The full report is… Continue reading
  • Audio story in The Guardian
    Check out this cool little feature on The Guardian Labs in which I discuss the role of strategies, like FACTS (a Framework for an Australia Clean Transport Strategy), in accelerating the pace of innovation and the decarbonisation transition, as well as steering the transitions to a better future.