My initiatives and engagements in the transport sector fall broadly into the following categories.


I have a leading role in the largest demonstrations of vehicle-to-grid technology in Australia, together with one of the most holistic studies of how the technology may mature from its current niche to normality.

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My contributions to transport sector planning tend to focus on the grid integration of electric vehicles (of all varieties).

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Solar car

I’m the Academic Champion of the ANU Solar Car team.

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Latest posts

  • NRMA supporting the ANU Solar Car team and the BWSC (from Darwin to Adelaide)
    “We see our (NRMA) partnership with the ANU Solar Racing Team and the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge as a great opportunity to support young people who are the leaders and policymakers of tomorrow. This is just one of many steps we’re taking to help Australian motorists in their transition towards an electric future.” NRMA CEO, … Read more
  • Video insight into the EnergiZine experiences
    This has been one of the most engaging – and out there – projects I’ve ever had been involved in. It was an absolute privelidge to work with Brad Riley and collaborators in the First Nations Clean Energy Network on the content, Mitchell Whitelaw and Dave Fanner from the Engaged ANU on the creative engagement, … Read more
  • Response to Saul Griffith’s “The Wires That Bind”
    This correspondence was originally published in the June 2023 edition of the Quarterly Essay, in response to the March 2023 edition by Saul Griffith. While the pivotal role of electrification in decarbonisation has been understood for decades, it has rarely been described as vividly or enthusiastically as by Saul Griffith in The Wires That Bind. … Read more
  • The ANU Solar Racing team is preparing for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge
    New article in The Canberra Times discussing how “the ANU solar racing team is pushing the boundaries of sustainable technology with their 3rd-generation solar car”.
  • REVS project completion
    This week marked the completion of the REVS project – the largest demonstration of vehilce-to-grid technology in Australia and foundational research on the integration of electric vehicles into the grid and people’s lives. Some of the media stories from the wrap up event below: