My initiatives and engagements in the electricity sector fall broadly into the following categories.

The DERlab

I have led the design and construction of a $4m power systems testing lab at the ANU. The lab is designed and operated for a wide range of users across industry and R&D.

Please get in touch if you wish to know more and make use of this world class facility! See https://der-lab.net.au/ for details.

This project is a joint initiative of the ANU, ITP Renewables, UNSW Canberra, and evoenergy. It is funded by the ACT Government.

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I make regular contributions to the (sadly troubled) Australian energy policy discourse.

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I’m a leader of an interdisciplinary team working to bolster the resilience of our electricity supply through the use of microgrid technologies to create a “grid of microgrids”.

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Community batteries

I’m part of an interdisciplinary team at the ANU working on the potential for medium scale battery storage, aka Community batteries.

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Solar for rentals

I founded a social enterprise called SunTenants that makes solar work for rental properties. This was acquired by Solar Analytics in 2019.

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Solar for apartments

I lead the first deployment of solar + storage into an Australian apartment building in 2015-16, at a housing co-operative in Sydney called Stucco.

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Latest posts

  • Strata solar in Qld
    Story in SBS about how an Australian physicist found a way to shave 10% off his neighbours’ power bills. Arkadiy Matsekh changed the billing system of the embedded network of his housing complex. As a result, his neighbours are saving up to 10 per cent on their power bills. Dr Sturmberg believes that the greatest … Read more
  • NRMA supporting the ANU Solar Car team and the BWSC (from Darwin to Adelaide)
    “We see our (NRMA) partnership with the ANU Solar Racing Team and the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge as a great opportunity to support young people who are the leaders and policymakers of tomorrow. This is just one of many steps we’re taking to help Australian motorists in their transition towards an electric future.” NRMA CEO, … Read more
  • Research on effects of Amy’s Balancing Act story
    In collaboration with Graham Walker of the National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science I am conducting research on how Amy’s Balancing Act influences readers’ conception of the electricity system and the transition to clean energy. Below are a copy of the worksheets being utilised for this (one for young persons the second for … Read more
  • Video insight into the EnergiZine experiences
    This has been one of the most engaging – and out there – projects I’ve ever had been involved in. It was an absolute privelidge to work with Brad Riley and collaborators in the First Nations Clean Energy Network on the content, Mitchell Whitelaw and Dave Fanner from the Engaged ANU on the creative engagement, … Read more
  • Engaged ANU event at Questacon
    Immerse yourself in an absurd wellness ritual, and design your renewable energy future in the style of a wellness EnergiZine. In this immersive journey, we embrace the strange obsession of modern culture with wellness and extend its fascination to our energy choices. Like a vibrant metabolic soup, energy systems and sub-systems interplay, offering trade-offs and … Read more