I consider education – across all ages and contexts – to be a profoundly powerful way to create positive impact in the world. This belief has motivated me to engage widely with educational efforts including individual mentoring, research project supervision, science outreach in primary and high schools, lecturing undergraduate and postgraduate university courses, writing for Cosmos magazine and other media, appearing on ABC TV’s Catalyst program, and writing an illustrated children’s book, Amy’s Balancing Act.

Science communication

An artist, farmer and scientist walk into a bar

In 2019 I collaborated on a unorthodox art project entitled “An artist, farmer and scientist walk into a bar”. My collaborators in this were my friend and artist Mark Swartz from Featheredge and Blue Mountains farmers Erika Watson and Hayden Druce from Epicurean Harvest. The project was initiated and funded by the Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation.

The project is wrapped up in the video below and more project posts can be found here.

Optics outreach

Back when I was an undergraduate student I organised a two week long science roadshow to schools across rural NSW (primary and secondary). The following video captures the story of this trip.

The Optics in the Outback trip was followed by a number more classes, including at the ATSE Extreme Science Show and steered my co-organiser Owen into a career developing education material for teaching coding with the Grok Academy.

Student research projects

Since joining ANU in late 2018 I’ve supervised the following student projects. If you are interested in pursuing similar research please send me an email at my ANU address.


  • Clean energy solutions on the Great Barrier Reef – PhD


  • Modelling of an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment network for selected routes within South Australia – honours


  • Data Driven Approach for Improving the Visibility of the Distribution Grid – PhD
  • A feasibility assessment of electric vehicles in remote communities in Northern Australia – honours
  • Repurposing Electric Vehicle Batteries – honours
  • Analysis of voltages in the ACT distribution network using the Nextgen data set – honours
  • Optimising the sizing of a solar photovoltaic system for the Research School of Chemistry at The Australian National University – honours


  • Control and stability of inverter-based power systems – honours
  • Virtual Electricity Transmission via Aggregation of Small Passenger Electric Vehicles – honours
  • Python Based Battery Control System for Smart Energy Grid Integration – honours

Latest posts

  • EnergiZines: 43 personal interpretations of the energy transition
    Last year I had the pleasure of working with the creative team of Engaged ANU (The Australian National University), Brad Riley and the inspiring Tristan Schultz on a pretty out there engagement that we called “EnergiZine – Nurturing Energy Transitions”. We’ve just uploaded the Zines created in these workshops for all to read and be… Continue reading
  • Research on effects of Amy’s Balancing Act story
    In collaboration with Graham Walker of the National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science I am conducting research on how Amy’s Balancing Act influences readers’ conception of the electricity system and the transition to clean energy. Below are a copy of the worksheets being utilised for this (one for young persons the second for… Continue reading
  • Video insight into the EnergiZine experiences
    This has been one of the most engaging – and out there – projects I’ve ever had been involved in. It was an absolute privelidge to work with Brad Riley and collaborators in the First Nations Clean Energy Network on the content, Mitchell Whitelaw and Dave Fanner from the Engaged ANU on the creative engagement,… Continue reading
  • Dr Karl’s Shirtloads of Science podcast
    My fun discussion about “Energy and Cars” (and Amy’s Balancing Act course) with @doctor_karl has just been released on Dr Karl’s #shirtloadsofscience #podcast. Listen here, or where ever you get your podcasts.
  • Woodford Folk Festival 2022-23
    I had a wonderful time at the Woodford Folk Festival over the summer. I can now confirm that it’s no less fun with a toddler than childless! So much excitement and good vibes all around. I gave an hour long presentation on “Watt’s in store for the energy system?” in the main festival, with special… Continue reading