Check your mirrors: 3 things rooftop solar can teach us about Australia’s electric car rollout

“The electric vehicle transition is about more than just doing away with vehicles powered by fossil fuels. We must also ensure quality technology and infrastructure, anticipate the future and avoid unwanted outcomes, such as entrenching disadvantage.

Australia’s world-leading rollout of rooftop solar power systems offers a guide to help navigate the transition. We’ve identified three key lessons on what’s gone well, and in hindsight, what could have been done differently.”

Full piece in The Conversation

ABC piece on EV policy

Excerpt from ABC TV interview on Australian EV policy has been featured in an online story here.

“The fact that Australia has a small number of people in a global market — that hasn’t stopped us from being world-leading in adopting solar.

“We’re one of the world leaders in adopting home batteries — there’s no reason why we can’t get the latest and greatest in electric vehicles as well.”

The driving force behind REVS (Realising Electric Vehicles-to-grid Services)

A bold initiative of the ACT Government, to electrify its fleet of vehicles, has grown into a world-leading research and demonstration project that is setting the scene for large-scale adoption of vehicle-to-grid technology in Australia.

A story by Sarah Wilson on the BSGIP website.

There is a buzzword in Europe’s energy business sector, and in particular in Germany’s Energiewende (energy transition). It’s called ‘sector coupling’. Instead of the traditional separation of the energy sectors – electricity, heating and cooling, transport and industrial processes, ‘sector coupling’ refers to the integration of two or more sectors to create synergies.

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