Bean nuclei

There once was a bean farmer called P. For years, he’d supplied his local shops and cafes with tasty black beans. But then along came a new farmer whose green beans were much cheaper, and what’s more didn’t make people fart.

Everyone in town was excited to switch to these new cheap fart-free green beans. Farmer P was facing ruin.

So P decided to remind everyone that there was also a third type of bean that they should consider. This is an exotic purple bean that no local had ever tried.

Now P knew that these pink beans were expensive, hard to grow, and were suspected of making people’s hair fall out. No customers was going to choose the pink beans over the cheap, clean green beans.

But by making his customers spend time researching these pink beans P hoped to sell them another season or two of his old familiar black beans.

Inspired by question from students at Cringila Public School as part of a DeadlyScience session | Image from