Examining the vehicle-to-grid niche in Australia through the lens of a trial project

We have a new paper in the journal Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions.


  • Vehicle-to-grid is viewed as a sub-niche of electric vehicles and distributed energy.
  • Vehicle-to-grid is in an embryonic stage of development in Australia.
  • Proponents hold strong long-term visions, but are unsure how to get there.
  • Learning has focused on problem solving; other types of learning are lacking.
  • More experimentation, involvement of new actors and embedding are required.


Vehicle-to-grid is a promising source of the shallow storage needed for Australia’s energy transition. However, it is a niche innovation dependent on other new technologies. The paper describes the Australian vehicle-to-grid niche via examination of a trial and sets an agenda for niche development. The multi-level perspective provides understanding of the processes of socio-technical transitions and strategic niche management provides a tool for facilitating development and linking with policy. The study found that the Australian vehicle-to-grid niche is at an embryonic stage and is yet to stabilise into a dominant form. Variety and non-technical learning are lacking and expectations underestimate the significance of existing infrastructures and user factors as well as the scope of complementary technologies. Greater experimentation with users and installation premises are recommended, plus engaging more actors and intermediaries. The study concludes with directions for further research in multi-system interactions and transitions in importer countries like Australia.

Full text available for free here https://authors.elsevier.com/c/1edx%7E7sbuJH58S