Batteries on wheels

Sarah Wilson reports on the bold initiative using electric vehicles to power our energy grids in The ANU reporter.

To make sure we have low or zero carbon emissions, we need to electrify as much as possible as quickly as possible.

This may seem like a herculean task. The good news is we don’t need to double the size of our electricity network in order to get there. In fact, the keys to solving the problem are, in some cases, literally in our hands.

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The driving force behind REVS (Realising Electric Vehicles-to-grid Services)

A bold initiative of the ACT Government, to electrify its fleet of vehicles, has grown into a world-leading research and demonstration project that is setting the scene for large-scale adoption of vehicle-to-grid technology in Australia.

A story by Sarah Wilson on the BSGIP website.

There is a buzzword in Europe’s energy business sector, and in particular in Germany’s Energiewende (energy transition). It’s called ‘sector coupling’. Instead of the traditional separation of the energy sectors – electricity, heating and cooling, transport and industrial processes, ‘sector coupling’ refers to the integration of two or more sectors to create synergies.

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