How an unlikely collaboration redefined a physicist’s approach to climate change

This piece was first published in Cosmos Magazine in December 2019

We generally hear climate change discussed as a technical challenge that will be solved with bigger wind turbines, more electric cars, less steak and fewer flights. The mission is nothing more, and nothing less, than to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide equivalent units.

As a physicist, this computes for me, but over the past year, I’ve begun to look at things differently.

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Solar energy on the farm: the voice of the scientist

This was originally written for the Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation

Bjorn Sturmberg, solar scientist, offers his thoughts on collaborating with Epicurean Harvest farmers Erika and Hayden, and sculptor Mark Swartz. He gave this spiel via skype to the audience at the Art and Farming Picnic at Bula Mirri Farm on 28 April 2019 (you can read Alex’s blog about that day here).

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The voice of the farmer: Erika Watson

We bought Bula Mirri farm 2 years ago, first with the goal of rebuilding our business Epicurean Harvest (we had started on leased land) and creating our home, then with the aim of bringing people into the farm space and share the passion and creativity used to regenerate landscapes. The property is 120 acres, of which 2.5 acres is currently a commercial farm. We want Bula Mirri to be a place dedicated to regenerative and collaborative practices to provide people with connection to land, provenance, food and culture. After the recent second workshop session here on the farm, Hayden and I are so thrilled to be reigniting our creative passions and exploring our farming knowledge and methods with KSCA artists like Mark, Laura and scientists like Bjorn.

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